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Spyderco Military Model Titanium - Combination Edge/Plain Edge - Sale


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Spyderco Military Model Titanium - Combination Edge/Plain Edge - Sale

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Product OverviewSpyderco Military Model Titanium - Combination Edge/Plain Edge - Sale
Spyderco Military Model Titanium - Combination Edge/Plain Edge
Product Details

No single Spyderco folder lends itself better to innovation and variation than the Military Model.  Production launched in the 1990s lighting the fuse for Spyderco to produce a decade-long parade of different renditions using upgraded blade steels, handle colors and materials. 

Call it Spyderco's poster child for their commitment to C.Q.I. - Constant Quality Improvement, but the Millie is one of the most enduring designs ever produced.  Next is the Ti-Millie.  A traditional Military Model in every way, it has a titanium handle and a R.I.L. - Reeve Integral Lock.  Knifemaker Chris Reeve is lauded for modifying the classic original Walker LinerLock design.  He morphed it so the handle scale acts as the lock's liner.  With the back portion of the handle doubling as both handle spring and lock, there's no need for additional internal liners allowing the knife to be manufactured lighter, slimmer and stronger. 

The ultra-light titanium handle is chamfered around the Edges for comfort in-hand and the lock's liner is jimped.  Its CPM S30V Plain Edge flat'ground blade has an oversized blade hole supporting positive one-hand deployment, even while wearing gloves. 

Choil and spine jimping generate tactical resistance keeping the knife from slipping forward or backward in the hand while sawing or making tough or aggressive cuts.  Open handle construction makes maintenance and cleaning easier by allowing debris inside the handle to be flushed or blown out, ensuring reliable performance even in the dirtiest, harshest environments.   

Made in Golden, Colorado.  

Overall Length
9.5 " (241mm)
Blade Length
4 " (102mm)
Closed Length
5.5 " (140mm)
Edge Length
3.687 " (94mm)
5.8.oz (164g)
Blade Thickness
.145 " (3.7mm)
Clip Position
Tip Carry Position
Lock Type
United States